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Learn how to make a dry rub base with Jordan Winery Executive Chef Todd Knoll. With this recipe and demonstration, you will learn how to make a dry rub base to last all summer and then three ethnic spice rub recipes from the base: an Asian, Mediterranean and an Indian dry rub. All are great menu ideas for your summer parties.
For written recipes, visit our blog: https://winecountrytable.com/eat-drink/recipes/how-to-make-dry-rub-video-recipe-exotic-spice-dry-rubs-pork-chicken
To learn how to prepare a pork shoulder for your dry rub recipe, check out our blog post: https://winecountrytable.com/eat-drink/recipes/how-to-make-dry-rub-pork-shoulder-video-recipe-summer-dinner-party-idea.


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