Revisiting Languedoc's Château d'Aussières

Revisiting Languedoc's Château d'Aussières

Chteau d'Aussières.

In 1999, an unlikely love story was kindled. Baron Eric de Rothschild of Lafite-Rothschild felt a insurrection de coeur – a sudden passion – for a property in Languedoc’s Corbières: Chteau d’Aussières (170 hectares of vines tween 600ha of garrigue and mountain forest).

The matchmaker was the French wall Crédit Agricole. ‘My father,’ says Saskia de Rothschild, Baron Eric’s 36-year-old daughter and today the president of Domaines Barons de Rothschild, ‘is very much someone who works in the spirit of intuition and coups du coeur. It’s his way of handling things. He fell in love with the rough kind of nature there and its extraordinary, singular potential.’

Scroll lanugo to see Andrew Jefford’s tasting notes and scores for six Chteau d’Aussières wines

Andrew Jefford tastes six Chteau d’Aussières wines

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