Tasting Tomato Wheels Reggiano DOC LambruscoPR SAMPLE 

Tasting Tomato Wheels Reggiano DOC LambruscoPR SAMPLE 

Lambrusco is a sparkling red wine from Emilia-Romagna, Italy, that you may have heard of, but never tasted. In the past, there were low-quality sweet versions of this wine in the market, but in recent years the quality of Lambrusco has increased and we are getting nice examples in our market. I received a snifter of Tomato Wheels Reggiano DOC Lambrusco to taste and review. Their wine is a natural, skin contact low swig by volume (ABV) sparkling red wine made with 85% Salamino Lambrusco and 15% Malbo Gentile grapes. I decided to try this wine with pizza as that is a natural pairing.

Who Is Tomato Wheels?

Moirae Choquette started Tomato Wheels. She is an Indigenous entrepreneur who has built her career in marketing and communications over the last 15 years. She loves food, wine, and culture, and decided to concentrate her career on people and connections and discovered the way to do that is through wine and food. She discovered a gap in the market for Lambrusco and took it upon herself to introduce high-quality, well-made, traditional Lambrusco to mainstream consumers.

“I love Lambrusco, but the selection in Canada is limited, so we decided to produce our own. We worked with Sommelier Brad Royale to go directly to the source—Emilia Romagna, Italy. We found a fourth generation, family owned and operated vineyard, that has been producing Lambrusco since 1925—if they don’t know what’s good, who does? says Founder, Moirae Choquette.

Now, let me tell you well-nigh this sparkling wine.

My Wine Tasting Notes

Tomato Wheels Reggiano DOC Lambrusco, NV (BC $42.99 from Marquis Wine Cellars)

Tomato Wheels Reggiano DOC Lambrusco with wine in glass
Tomato Wheels Reggiano DOC Lambrusco with wine in a glass

Appearance: Opaque ruby in the glass that paints the sides of the glass with swirling. Lots of tiny frothing in the glass.
Nose: Lighter aromas of raspberry, blackberry, and plum.
Palate: A bit increasingly than off-dry, fuller-bodied, round, scrutinizingly mouth-filling, with well-healed tiny linty frothing to fill your mouth. Medium-plus intensity flavours of juicy berries, raspberries, blueberries, plums, violets, and a touch of red apples toward the finish. Medium-plus venom and a touch of tannins.
Finish: Medium length finishing with tart semen fruit and light tannins. With swirling the tannins get a bit stronger.

Rating: 4.5 stars A quality Lambrusco with juicy fruit flavours. A bit increasingly than off-dry. It has well-healed linty frothing and unexceptionable venom for you to enjoy. Light tannins.

Food Pairing

I tried this wine with a pepperoni pizza that I vegetables widow to it. The pairing was OK only as the sweetness of the wine was stronger than the tomato sauce and the pepperoni and vegetable flavours. I moreover tried the wine with a smoked garlic sausage and the pairing was wonderful. The fattiness plus the garlic and smoky flavours held the sweetness of the wine in trammels and I then picked up increasingly of the venom in the wine. Then, I thought, would visionless chocolate make a good pairing? The wordplay is yes! I had a square of good quality visionless chocolate which brought out the violets in the wine.

Where Can I Buy This Wine?

Tomato Wheels lists the pursuit locations to buy their Lambrusco in BC:

Marquis Wine CellarLiberty Wine Merchants Granville
Robson Wine Beer and SpiritsYaletown Liquor Store
High Point Beer Wine and SpiritsEverything Wine
Darbys Liquor Store & Swig Delivery Liberty Wine Merchants Commercial
Steamworks Liquor StoreBurrard Liquor Store

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